Storage in Phoenix, AZ

Storage in Phoenix, AZ

Solutions for Secure Storage in Phoenix, AZ

For moving and storage in Phoenix, AZ, trust Olympian Worldwide Moving and Storage to ship your items safely and store them securely. Regardless of whether you’re planning a local, cross-country or international move, our professionals have countless years of experience and knowledge to oversee such a significant job. Are you packing up your three-floor home for a trek across state lines, downsizing from a cottage to a one-bedroom studio or taking the family on an exciting adventure for the next year? As one of the leading moving companies in Arizona, Olympian Worldwide Moving and Storage in Phoenix, AZ provides expert movers and services.


Friendly Teams & Reliable Service

When you speak to our past customers, they’ll undoubtedly tell you that our friendly teams and reliable service are what makes us the best in the business. Every day across America, our pros support both families and companies to get to where they need to go, efficiently, smoothly. With caring crews on your side, we take the stress out of such a monumental task, making moving day more exciting and less scary.

Here are a few of the ways we can support you before, during, and after a transfer:

  • Wrapping: While wrapping may sound like a breeze, it’s actually an art! Our pros use tricks of the trade to make your items are safely packaged.
  • Crating: Not everything fits neatly into a square-shaped box! That’s when crating comes in for oddly-shaped, oversized, and heavy objects.
  • Labeling: Make your life infinitely easier with labeling from our teams. Instead of using a big sharpie to mark a few items on the outside of the box, we use special sheets and number every single item, then secure it in plain view with protective, adhesive backing.
  • Disassembly/Reassembly: Is there anything more tedious than taking down and putting up furniture? From missing screws to broken pieces, our experts carefully disassemble, pack, then reassemble items, saving you from those pesky headaches!


Contact Olympian Worldwide Moving and Storage

Olympian Worldwide offers both moving and storage in Phoenix, AZ, providing you with full-service packages. While some people may want some extra space to stow their personal possessions long-term, others may need last-minute help when an unplanned bump in the road presents itself. No matter the reason, we’re here for you with our climate-controlled, modern, high-tech facilities – the perfect location to store your household furniture, company products, precious heirlooms, musical instruments or medical documents.

Contact us today to book your free, no-obligation evaluation? At Olympian Worldwide Moving and Storage in Phoenix, AZ, we guarantee excellent service at competitive prices.


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