Move Olympian is here to help make your office move easy. This office move checklist is designed specifically for businesses conducting office moves, and will help guide you every step of the way as you move into your new location.

Following our office move checklist can help you minimize downtime and make your move as efficient as possible.

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  • Select limited personnel to assist with your move. Each personnel member selected should have clear, specific duties to complete.
  • Discuss your moving plans with HR. Establish how the move will be communicated to employees.
  • Create a plan for informing vendors, customers, and others to the move.

Item Organization

  • Ensure every item and each box is clearly labelled.
  • Conduct a complete office inventory.
  • Create a packing schedule to ensure least important items are packed earlier on.
  • Organize acquisition of boxes / crate rental / other packing supplies.

Space Management

  • Get ready for your new office space by creating a floor plan.
  • Detail where every desk and piece of furniture or equipment will go.
  • Ensure you consider walkways, easy access to frequently used equipment, fire escapes, and hazards.


  • Inventory all IT equipment, as part of the aforementioned complete office inventory.
  • Assess how the current setup of IT will work in the new location.
  • Evaluate phone system to determine whether it will work in new location.
  • Transfer existing telephone numbers or order new numbers, and order new phone / data service if necessary.
  • Establish security systems and employee access levels for new location.
  • Plan for IT staff to assist during disconnection and reconnection of servers.

Furniture and Office Equipment

  • Create an inventory list of furniture as part of the aforementioned complete office inventory.
  • Sell unnecessary furniture and buy new furniture as necessary.
  • Ensure you have the packing materials needed to wrap and protect furniture, in advance of moving day.

Address updates

Ensure you update the following with your new address and phone numbers, if applicable:

  • Website and any other online presence.
  • Business cards.
  • Customers, vendors, and providers.
  • Signage.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Advertising – print and online.


  • Find a storage solution that will work for anything you wish to keep, but not house in your new location.
  • If necessary, ensure your storage solution offers both long term and short term solutions.
  • Olympian can provide commercial storage, warehousing, asset management, and records management solutions.

Miscellaneous Essentials

  • A moving strategy, detailing the timeline of your move, is essential to staying on top of the process.
  • Establishing a moving budget can help you keep the moving process economical. Researching costs ahead of time will help you avoid surprises.
  • Ensure internet, phone service and utilities will be up and running on schedule.
  • Schedule elevator access at both locations, if necessary.
  • Ensure elevators and floors are protected before you begin moving items.
  • Schedule parking at both locations.



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