So Unacceptable

Long distance move, late delivery. So much damage including a ruined mattress. Our things smell like a warehouse full of dead rodents. Mattress has holes with stuffing coming out and actual tire marks amongst the many dirt spots. Was charged $600 for crating which was not done. I was told it would be refunded within 14 days and now they are telling me that it could be several months. Truck driver Kenny was not professional nor planful with our delivery. After everything was delivered we were missing a chair, which he then “found” on his truck. Loading of items in Scottsdale took 8 hours for a 4 hour job. Any piece of furniture we had with a door they stuffed heavy boxes into, some of them so tight we had to actually cut the box to get it out of the cabinet. Boxes fell off the back f that truck with no apologies. Mattress was folded in half and secured with a strap and must have actually been dragged on the ground. We are unable to sleep on our bed and have no idea how long this process is going to take.