Worst experience I’ve ever had with someone.

I missed a call from a Ree this morning and when I called her back I was transferred three times before I was able to speak with her. By the time I got on the phone with Ree she was extremely unpleasant and rude. Being that it’s a moving company they have no idea what these families are going through. In my case, my husband is in the air force and was stationed in Korea and I could not go with. You’d think she’d have some sort of sympathy for families that are going through hard times. Instead she belittled me and was screaming at me over the phone asking why I hadn’t been in contact when I had left voicemails several times. I asked to speak to a manager and she refused and kept yelling over me. I broke out in tears because of the way she made me feel. I explained I was at work trying to make an income to provide for my family and that is why I had to reschedule. She then proceeded with saying since it was such an inconvenience for me then we could change the date. She went into saying per government I need to be there when they come. I would hate for another spouse or family member to speak with this lady because of the way she makes you feel and the unnecessary screaming and yelling. Everyone else I spoke to was kind and pleasant but Ree was beyond rude.
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